493Hold the scepter in your hand;
Mother, protect your Schoenstatt Land.
There you alone are Queen;
cause every foe to flee.
494Create a paradise for yourself there
and hold the dragon at bay.
Woman of the Sun, step forth with light
and ascend to the heights of the noonday sky.
495Build from here a world
which is pleasing to the Father,
as our Savior once implored
so longingly in prayer.
496May love ever reign there
together with truth and justice
and a unity which does not become massmindedness
nor lead to inner slavery.
497Reveal your power
in the dark and stormy night.
Let the world see your active hand
and stand in admiration before you,
498so that it speak your name with love,
profess loyalty to your kingdom,
fearlessly carry your banner far and wide
and victoriously defeat every foe.
499Let Schoenstatt remain your favorite place,
a stronghold of apostolic spirit,
a leader on the way to holy battle,
a source of everyday sanctity,
500a firebrand glowing for Christ,
scattering sparks of searing brightness
until the world, a sea of flames,
burns to the glory of the Trinity.