561I praise you, Mother, as your child
for the gifts which loyal hearts have sent me.
You have awakened them in your kindness
and richly reset the table of my own.
562With gratefulness I return the offering of love
into your kind and motherly hands,
and pray with all my heart: Tell me how it best be shared
to bring you honor and joy.
563Come, Mediatrix of all gifts and graces,
with your Son accept the invitation to be our guests,
tenderly uniting us with a family bond—
from heart to heart and from land to land.
564We want to selflessly serve your work
with steadfast hearts and joyful bearing.
To you we leave the care for health and food
on our pilgrimage through life.
565Such counsel Our Lord once gave to us:
Seek first the kingdom of God in word and deed
and the Father will grant you all other things besides;
only never give him rest with your childlike plea!
566Teach us through these gifts to ascend to you
and to bow in reverence before the Eternal Love
which opens to us daily more and more
the inexhaustible ocean of God's mercy.
567Implore God’s richest blessing for all those
who work and sacrifice for our well-being.
Grant them in the difficult paths of life
a generous measure of your love and grace.