Nos cum prole pia
benedicat Virgo Maria!
(various translations:)
Virgin Mary, meek and mild,
bless us with your holy Child!
Mother with your loving Son,
bless us each and everyone!
Mother with your blessed Son,
bless us each and everyone!
Nothing without you, MTA, nothing without us.
Mater perfectam habebit curam.
Mother will take perfect care.
Mater perfectam habebit curam et victoriam.
Mother will take perfect care and be victorious.
Servus Mariae nunquam peribit.
A servant of Mary will never perish.
She is the great Missionary—she will work miracles!
(St. Vincent Pallotti)
Cor unum in Patre.
One heart with the Father.
God is Father,
God is good,
everything he does is good.
Nothing is mere coincidence;
everything comes from God’s providence.
Though storm may rage and wind may howl
and lightning strike again,
I think as does the mariner’s child:
My Father is at the helm.
Our way leads homewards to the Father.
Send, O Lord, laborers into your vineyard / and spare your people.
(St. Vincent Pallotti)
Unite, O my God, all minds in truth and all hearts in love.
(Fr. Kentenich, July 8, 1910)
With hope and joy and confident in the victory
we go with Mary into the newest times!
(Fr. Kentenich, September 7, 1968)
Send us help and blessings from the shrine / and watch over us from Sion.
(cf Ps 20,3)