386Accept, O Lord, through my Mother’s hands,
the entire gift of my royal freedom.
Accept my memory, my senses and my mind,
accept everything as a pledge of love.
387Accept my whole heart and my whole will
so that my genuine love find satisfaction.
My greatest joy is to return to you
everything you have given me without reserve.
388Use all of it in whichever way you please;
I only ask that you let me love you.
Help me to believe both far and near
that you love me as the cherished apple of your eye.
389Grant me the graces that will powerfully carry me
to face the things I cannot dare on my own;
grant me a share in the fruitfulness
which your love bestows on your Bride.
390Let me become fruitful for Schoenstatt
and let my life became a creative Yes
for everything you have planned in kindness
for the salvation of souls through Schoenstatt.
391Then I am rich, abundantly rich;
no greater happiness could be mine.
There is nothing more I could desire:
I accept and love whatever you decide.
392My Lord and my God, take everything that hinders me
and everything that diminishes my great love for you.
Give everything that increases my love for you
and take from me my very self if it disturbs this love.