606Mother Thrice Admirable,
let us always be your instruments,
lovingly giving ourselves in your service
today and forever.
  Use us as it pleases God,
  entirely for your Schoenstatt world.
607Take possession of our hearts and wills—
they are undividedly yours.
They will blindly follow
your every sign and word.
  It is your instrument’s honor and glory
  to belong entirely to you.
608We are ready without reserve
to serve your Schoenstatt work.
Send us suffering, lead us into battle;
let us win the complete victory.
  Give us light and strengthen our courage
  against the guile and rage of the devil.
609Let us reflect your image
and walk through life entirely like you:
strong and noble, simple and kind,
spreading love and peace and joy.
  In us go through our times
  and make them ready for Christ.
610Whether we are threatened by the world or the devil
or caught in the swirl of the tempest,
you will victoriously overcome every need
and grant us your unlimited power.
  Your heart, our gateway to heaven,
  will always remain our safe harbor.
611We will never perish
as long as we faithfully remain your instruments.
You will help us at all times
to effectively bring forth abundant fruit.
  With our hand in yours let us joyfully enter
  the eternal Schoenstatt Land.