Introductory Remarks

5121. This prayer considers the God-willed relationship between Pallotti and Schoenstatt and prays for its perfect realization.
5132. Our image of the human person is the anti-collectivistic person or the everyday saint in the distinctive form characterized by the absence of religious vows.
514Our image of community is that of a perfect community built on perfect personalities—both borne by the fundamental power of love.
5153. In the long run, Schoenstatt’s future cannot be secured without the donum regiminis et contemplationis [the gift of inspired leadership and contemplation].
5164. Because we live in the world and have to adapt to it in many ways, the legitimization and sanctioning of our efforts relies on the canonization of saints. For this reason we pray for the two canonizations.
5175. Following Pallotti’s example, this prayer especially emphasizes the love of the most Blessed Trinity and of the mysteries of redemption.


518Mother, implore for our small community
in your faithful, motherly way,
that we may always be the soul of Schoenstatt
and dedicate to it our whole life’s strength.
519Let us believe in Schoenstatt and Pallotti
and let no one deprive us of this sign of unity.
Let us form the great image of the human person and community
which fulfills the Father’s will.
520May the difficult sacrifices we joyfully make
reach up to you as a living plea
to lavish kindness, faithfulness and power
and keep watch over your favorite creation.
521Let the spirit of true freedom blossom there.
Draw to it only those who are chosen.
Grant it the Inscriptio as its lasting legacy,
as the fruit of ardent, burning love of God.
522Grant it the qualities of leadership it needs
to stride securely through our times,
and on the hard-fought path of life
give it a generous portion of the grace of contemplation.
523Use it as your faithful instrument
wherever the spirit of Satan must strongly be defied.
Transform it into Christ’s loyal guard
which always stands out in apostolic spirit.
524May it proclaim love for the Blessed Trinity
and bind its finest laurels to the cross.
Through it, bless the Church with genuine everyday sanctity
in answer to the needs of our times.
525May the blessing Pallotti once promised
to his entire work
always come upon the family in fullest measure
and bring long-awaited salvation to the earth.
526Raise Pallotti to the honors of the altar,
Thrice Admirable, kind and noble Mother,
now that his life’s work is complete
and tenderly greets you with heartfelt love.
527May Joseph Engling soon be canonized, too,
so that all resistance may be overcome
which obstructs our fruitfulness
and prevents others from seeing the Father’s plan in faith.
528Help it to spread throughout the world
and go victoriously through all the nations
that soon there be one flock and one shepherd
leading all peoples to the Trinity.