538Mother, kindly lead to us today
those who are your own and whom you wish to unite in Schoenstatt.
Make of them a strong Tower of David,
your loyal legion in earthly battle,
standing close to the Redeemer of the world
and going with him the ways of the Father in the Holy Spirit.
539Send us the priests he has chosen
to serve the Schoenstatt kingdom with their entire being.
Increase the ranks of the Brothers of Mary,
and let them consecrate themselves to you with pure souls.
Awaken for us men of knightly spirit
who give their lives for the Family Work.
540From all the nations suffering here
choose the best men for yourself for the expansion of your kingdom.
Take them into your hands as instruments
in order to turn the destiny of the nations to the Lord.
May the shoot which sprouts from Schoenstatt be fruitful everywhere,
to your honor and to the glory and praise of the Blessed Trinity.
541Accept the title Queen of the World
and let us glow with ardent love for you.
May the whole world be set afire for your service
so that all nations find their way safely home.
For your holy heart is the world’s harbor of peace,
the sign of election and gateway to heaven. Amen.