3Father, I may awake with new strength
to rekindle my love.
Let me joyfully greet you
together with all your Schoenstatt.
4We are united in the shrine
where the flames of our hearts
beat for our Mother Thrice Admirable
who, through us, wants to build your kingdom.
5We kneel in the Holy Spirit
and sing jubilant hymns to Christ,
who sends us with her as instruments
to change the destiny of nations.


6We give you thanks for all the gifts
which we have received in such abundance:
for choosing Schoenstatt
as the place of Christ’s rebirth
7and the place where you radiate into the world
the glories of our Mother,
so that streams of love may pour forth
to warm cold hearts.

Blank Check

8Use us according to your will.
Through Schoenstatt may the wide halls
of the holy Church be filled again
and your praise resound to your throne.
9You may use us for your work
and send us crosses, suffering and hardship;
whether we meet with failure or success
we want to proclaim your love.


10May what you have foreseen for us
be realized in every moment of our lives.
We have but a single longing:
Lead us according to your wise plans.
11Our ideal shall shine before us
and form our entire lives.
For this you have created us in love (P.I.);
for this we strive with all our strength (P.E.).
(Renewal of personal ideal and particular examination)
12Let us glow like brands of fire
and joyfully go forth to the nations,
giving witness to redemption
and jubilantly leading all people to the Triune God.


13When we consider our own strength
we lose all hope and confidence.
Mother, we stretch out our hands to you
and ask for your many gifts of love.
14Even in storms and dangers
you will always remain faithful
to the covenant you have sealed with us
and enriched with countless graces.
15You will send us vocations
who join us in pledging themselves for your kingdom.
You will give us work and richly bless us
and unite your unlimited power1 to our powerlessness.

Morning Offering

16What I bear and endure,
what I say and what I dare,
what I think and what I cherish,
all the merits that I gain,
what I direct and what I conquer,
all my joys and all my sorrows:
what I am and what I have,
I give to you as a gift of love.
Use it so that the holy stream of graces
flowing richly from the shrine
may fill the souls of those
who have given their hearts to Schoenstatt
and gently lead there
all those whom you wish to choose in kindness.
Accept everything that our efforts may be fruitful
which we dedicate to the Trinity.


17May God’s blessing come upon all those
who have consecrated themselves entirely to Schoenstatt
and bring them happiness and salvation
here and in eternity.