552In pressing need
you heard my prayer,
in bitter sorrow
my childlike plea.
Despite my failings and my guilt
you answered with mercy.
553When hurt and anxious,
when bombs screamed
and fire threatened,
you sheltered me
with your might
which kindly guards me.
554Through years of storm
and endless peril,
you faithfully
and steadfastly
cared for each of my own,
those united with you.
555Let me give thanks
and proclaim your praises
to every circle,
and in the spirit of service.
556And filled with trust
my only wish
is to loyally fulfill
the Father’s will,
even if the final judgment
be upon us.
557He will guide me
through every darkness
and lead me by the hand,
despite the turmoil of our times,
into the land of the Father.
558After every tear has been shed
he will unite me there
with those I love
and have remained faithful.
There we will see the Lamb
and stand in the presence of God.