(written by Father Kentenich in 1916)
Mother Thrice Admirable, Mother of Grace,
Teach us your enemies bravely to face,
Never regarding their number and might,
Spreading your love over the earth’s dark night,
So that the world through you made new
Pay to your Son His homage due.
Mother with your Child divine,
Make our country wholly thine.
Help that never it will cease
to follow you and gain God’s peace.
Mother and Child united in love
will restore it with grace from above.
Mother Thrice Admirable,
teach us, your knights, how to do battle,
spreading devotion to you
despite the number and might of the foe,
so that the world renewed through you
may pay homage to your Son.
Mother, with your Child from heaven,
descend upon our nation’s plains,
so that in following your footsteps
it may find true and lasting peace.
Mother and Child, united in love—
through you alone can our nation be healed.