357Father, after the day’s burden and toil,
we come to seek rest in you,
who have guided us
and chosen us as instruments.


358Praise and thanks be given to you,
who accompanied us today
and accomplished through us
deeds which brought you great joy.
359Through us you added stone on stone
in building up your Schoenstatt work,
which you have graciously chosen
to bring salvation to the whole world.
360Our Mother’s hand held us fast in loyalty,
never leaving us alone,
for it is to us, as the Lord’s bride
that you have entrusted your work.
361All the blessings that flowed to us today
and were showered upon us from the altar,
carried us majestically and nobly
like a mighty ocean of grace.
362You greeted us lovingly
and gladdened our lives,
for our Savior often stood before us
in human vesture.
363Through human suffering he often called us,
beckoning us to his side;
he often sent us crosses
and through them made us more like himself.
364May the things which gladdened you, Father,
flow back to the fountain of graces
which streams forth from our shrine
to the honor of the Trinity.


365Father, may the Savior’s Precious Blood
atone for everything
which grieved your fatherly heart
because we did not love you enough.
366Heed the pleas of our Mother
and let her be our advocate.
Kindly accept her merits
and look on us with a father's mercy.
367Our hearts were often obstinate
when the world enticed us.
We were often inattentive
when you expressed your wishes.
368Many hidden reservations
made our hearts tired and cold,
while many evil passions
diminished the strength of our love.
369Often our deeds angered you
and destroyed
what our preaching and words
had continually proclaimed.
370Often we misused our time
and missed opportunities to do good.
Our omissions weigh heavily upon us
for they have deprived us of your grace.
371Our great ideal was therefore darkened
and caused you anguish (P.I.);
the day’s struggle was uninspired (P.E.)
because spirit was lacking and deeds were few.
(Examination of conscience)

Practice of Dying

372The depths of our souls are laid bare
before the eyes of our Lord
who will one day appear as Judge
and assemble us for the judgment of the world.
373We now freely detach ourselves
from the things which still enslave us.
In Christ and in childlike spirit
we surrender ourselves entirely to you.
374We share in Christ’s death on the cross
and feel the agony of his dying,
just as we will at the end of our lives
in the hour of the last sacrament.
375Our hands touch each of the senses.
We pray that you break the chains
which held them in bondage today
and reduced the strength of our souls.
376We are truly sorry for our sins
and immerse our guilty hearts
into the ocean of your love,
reconsecrating them entirely to you.
377You gave us love
and we caused you sorrow.
You brought us gifts
and we forgot to think of you.
378As a result, what we did for souls
did not take root as it should have;
what we built with one hand
we abruptly destroyed with the other.
379Because of our failings you look with sadness
on us, to whom you gave your love,
and on our shrine,
our Mother’s possession.
380In the future it will be different.
We will avoid all self-deception
and solely follow the ideal
which shines forth to us everywhere.


381Let us rest in your protection.
Be our defense and stronghold
against drives and feelings
and Satan’s evil play.
382Deeply fill our souls
with the love that comes from you,
so that we live solely for the work
which lifts the world to you.
383Tomorrow let us rise at the appointed hour,
refreshed and in good health,
and in the spirit of service
dedicate our strength and time to you.
384Mother, inscribe us in your heart
and lead us with you heavenwards.
We loyally renew the covenant
which we sealed in that hour of grace.


385May God’s blessing come upon all those
who have consecrated themselves entirely to Schoenstatt
and bring them happiness and salvation
here and in eternity.