612The chains have fallen!
Let a song of thanksgiving
jubilantly resound to heaven
from all within Schoenstatt’s holy halls.
613On our difficult pilgrimage,
God, to his glory and praise,
has revealed to our circle
his greatness and wisdom.
614The misfortunes which Satan devised
in his might and treachery
were transformed by the Father’s glance
into our greatest fortune.
615Whatever was too earthbound in our thinking
and too human in our giving of self
God desired to direct upwards
and anchor entirely in himself.
616We therefore stand united today,
formed by God’s love,
fearless in the struggle
with all of Satan’s offspring,
617so that new men and women arise
who are, like Christ,
both free and firm on earth,
in joy and in sorrow,
618interweaving with him alone
the striving of their hearts,
just as his Mother-Bride
did while on earth.
619In thanksgiving let our souls
choose the Lamb of God,
espousing ourselves to him eternally
and being counted among his faithful.
620Lord, is the destruction we so suddenly face
a sign that you want to die again?
Are the tokens of your love a search
for heirs of your transfiguration?
621See here the ones who are your own!
The small! The pure!
Graciously unite them to yourself,
revealing yourself to the world anew.
622In them you may suffer,
go to battle, care for souls.
Through them you prepare for yourself again
the joys of the resurrection.
623Through them build
the city of heavenly meadows
so that all people can look up to it
full of confidence.
624You may send them forth
to the very ends of the earth.
They pledge themselves to you today
to complete your kingdom on earth.
625Mary, take this offering
into your faithful, motherly hands
so that until our final breath
this song of thanksgiving may never end.