224Mother, the Lord chose you
to be his helpmate for the salvation of the world.
As a bride and deaconess
you stand faithfully at his side at all times.
In the power of your virginity
you are the One who crushes the serpent.
225In silent service you prepare him
as the sacrificial gift.
(Hail Mary...)
226As the sacrificing handmaid
you offer him in the temple to the Father.
(Hail Mary...)
227With him, you place yourself on the altar of the cross
as a sacrifice for us all.
(Hail Mary...)
228Through you he gives as the fruit of sacrifice
graces to all who seek them.
229Father, we humbly ask you:
May the light of faith glow within us,
that we might see our Mother clearly
and place our trust in her as Mediatrix.
Grant that, like her and as is pleasing to you,
we are always joyfully ready
to offer ourselves in selfless service
as instruments for the salvation of the world.
Thus may we break the power of the dragon
who constantly enkindles hate and discord.
We ask this through Christ, who to your glory
gives us a share in his mediation.