501Mother, take us caringly beneath your mantle,
that we may always live as citizens of heaven.
Preserve us from hunger, epidemics and fire;
Preserve us who turn to you in time of dire need.
502Speak to your Son as you once did on earth
when he came to our aid in need and distress—
“Lord, they have no wine and no food”—
then he will certainly hear our prayer.
503He chose you as the second Eve;
you shall save what the first Eve lost.
Just as she drew us into ruin,
from you stream forth the rays of eternal salvation.
504It is the Father’s loving plan of wisdom
that the earth constantly endure itself as a vale of tears
until the sun of transfiguration rises over it in splendor
and it mirrors heaven’s blessed harmony.
505In union with your Son you have been entrusted
with giving us the lost life of grace
and with protecting us from many earthly sorrows—
soothing the pain they cause and transforming them into our salvation.
506Unfold today the richness of your motherly heart
wherever diabolical forces are powerfully at work.
Reveal the fullest extent of your might and kindness
as the Helpmate of the Lord.
507Just as your Son healed, stilled hunger
and comforted the sick while here on earth,
go with him quietly through our midst,
giving your blessing and helping us with the arm of your unlimited motherly power.
508Show yourself to all the world as the Great Sign
which neither Satan’s cunning nor earthly sorrow can endure.
Let the nations find protection and salvation in you
and joyfully proclaim you salvation’s Mediatrix.
509Our affliction, too, has increased so enormously
that without your help we must succumb.
You alone can save us from perdition—
come and see us gathered around you with our pleas.
510United with your Son, be the one who rescues us
from the fury of hell and the tempests of our times.
We want to gratefully and eternally praise you in every way we know
as the great Mother of the nations.
511We want to courageously spread your name
and lead all people to your shrine,
so that, with you, they jubilantly and lovingly worship the Triune God
both here and high in heaven above.