529Thrice Admirable Schoenstatt Lady,
look on those whom I entrust to you.
I must watch them stand alone in battle,
can only go my way with trust in you.
530Command the turbulent storms of the times
so that their reckless fury does not increase unchecked.
Bring the devil’s power and cunning to nought
and deliver my own from the curse of Eve’s sin.
531Silence their evil, inordinate drives;
let their entire being bow to God!
To him should belong the glow of their hearts,
to him the loyal dedication of their sacrificial love.
532Help them resolutely withstand each love
which would subtly tear them from your side,
which would dull the brilliance of their purity
and wilt the crown of their virginity.
533They have made a covenant with you.
May it stand as firm as if cast in bronze.
Then I will know that they are in safe and loyal hands
and will not fear the raging fury of the flood.
534You will bring them all victoriously home to the Father
so that they can sing hymns to the Lamb.
I firmly believe that no one will be lost
who remains faithful to the covenant of love.
535Through them you want to bless Schoenstatt
and proclaim to everyone they meet
that you have chosen it as your instrument
and are leading it onwards to the heights of the Inscriptio.
536I therefore inscribe into your heart once more with blood and fire
all those I hold so dear
and proceed without fear along that path in life
which the Father’s wisdom has foreseen for me.
537If he chooses that my life become the ransom,
I joyfully place it at his disposal.
In return, may all who have dedicated themselves to you and Schoenstatt
live with the Blessed Trinity forevermore.