18These prayers can be prayed as meditations on the parts
of the Mass.
The text is divided into four roles: leader, right side, left
side, all.

Entrance Song

Leader: 19Father, you have chosen us in Christ
for the salvation of the world
as seed, light and leaven,
as instruments for his kingdom,
All: 20with his Bride, the Great Sign,
to dispel the influence of Satan.
Leader: 21You are infinitely great and beautiful;
you reign over earth and the heights of heaven.
They blindly follow your word
and adore you eternally.
All: 22Use us, too, as you see fit;
see us lying in the dust before you.
Leader: 23Omnipotence sent a nothing
as an instrument in the Savior’s hand;
and this nothing rebelled
every time it disrupted your plan.
All: 24See us kneeling in sorrow before you—
we who deprive the world of salvation.
Leader: 25We wanted to go our own ways
and sinfully refused to see your will.
We turned away from you
whom earth and heaven acclaim with awe.
All: 26We confess our sins in sorrow;
help us find grace in Christ.
Leader: 27In the future let us be yours
and dedicate the power of our love to you alone,
so that Christ can work through us
and lead souls to heaven.
All: 28In us may he walk through the world
to extend his kingdom with his Bride.
Leader: 29Send us the power of the Savior’s Spirit,
that he may make creation new,
the Schoenstatt kingdom, the City of God,
which resembles the eternal city of Sion,
All: 30where love is triumphant
and truth and justice always reign.


Leader: 31Compassionate Father, have mercy on us
and take from us the guilt of our sin!
Right: 32Lord Jesus Christ, Lamb of God,
embrace once more the wood of the cross!
Left: 33God, Holy Spirit, Giver of life,
lead the world to its perfect salvation!


Leader: 34To you, O God, be love and glory,
Ruler over the seas.
Earth and heaven run the course
you ordain for them.
35God the Father, you give yourself
lovingly and entirely
to your Son in the Holy Spirit
in the kiss of eternal delight.
36You are thus perfect in yourself,
are Love that never ends.
Love has sent the Son
as the pledge for our salvation.
Right: 37Love gave life to the Son
through his Mother-Bride
and asked him, our greatest treasure,
to shed his Blood.
Left: 38Love moved him before his death
to bequeath to us his Mother-Bride,
so that she, the Sure Portal,
may lead us swiftly up to God.
Right: 39Full of strength in her Son,
she is the one who always victoriously overcomes
the kingdom and the works of Satan,
bringing peace to the world.
Left: 40Love has united us with him
who daily gives himself to us
as the rich food of sacrifice
on the long pilgrimage.
Right: 41Love has drawn us into the mission of the Eternal Word
that salvation be fulfilled,
letting us faithfully share in his fate
and making us great as his instruments.
Left: 42Love has called the world
to resemble a stairway of love,
effectively leading us heavenwards
into the heart of God.
Right: 43We see streams of love flowing,
pouring down richly on earth and heaven,
coming from Eternal Love
and returning to their source.
All: 44Glory and love to the One seated on the throne,
to God the Father and the Son
and the Spirit of Holiness,
now and for all eternity.

Opening Prayer

Leader: 45Father, you have sent us
to be and eternally remain
instruments in the Savior’s hand,
pledged to the service of souls.
Right: 46We want to consume ourselves completely
just as your Mother-Bride did
who leads the Schoenstatt kingdom,
that your love and honor be increased.
47Help us be like her,
always ready for your service:
selfless, joyful and loyal,
like a handmaid, bride and virgin.
Left: 48Use us to crush the head of the serpent
who constantly robs you of souls
and violently disrupts in this world
the peace you promised to the nations.
49In us may Christ walk through our times,
ready to do battle and win the victory
and through his divine refrains
give you honor and love. Amen.

At the Reading

Leader: 50Father, you have sent your Son
as the pledge of your love.
Out of love he took on flesh
and came to us into the world.
51Out of love he offers himself
as the food of sacrifice on the altar.
There he wants to reign among us always,
dwelling entirely in our midst.
52Out of love he continues
to live and work among us through his Word,
as the wellspring of divine and eternal Truth,
full of burning love and radiant clarity.

At the Gospel

Leader: 53The Word of God has proven itself
much sharper than a two-edged sword
which powerfully cleaves spirit and soul
and prepares the way for inner transformation.
54It powerfully separates joint and marrow
and makes hearts open and strong.
It is the judge of human thoughts,
a forge of the love of God.
55It is a hammer which crushes
all obstacles in our way,
all hindrances on the path to God
which obstruct and weaken our love.
56It is a seed which takes root
whenever it falls on fertile ground,
yielding fruit a hundredfold
whenever it can deeply penetrate the heart.
All: 57Father, purify our souls
and make us hearers of your Word,
ready to fulfill everything
which its bells ring into our hearts.
58Let us, like our Schoenstatt Lady,
in whom it sank like dew from heaven,
preserve your Word in our hearts
and wait in hope for the eternal wedding feast.
59We will then joyfully carry your Word to the world
so that it hold its breath in amazement
and always find the peace of God
which the angelic hosts proclaimed.

At the Creed

Leader: 60We confidently believe the words
spoken to us by Eternal Truth.
We willingly submit our understanding
as we follow your truth with heart and hand.
61Faith is the secure path
shown to us by the Word.
Eternal salvation will only be given
to those who have been granted this faith.
Right: 62God, we believe that your might
brought the world into existence.
You are the one who sustains and governs it
and wisely leads it to its goal.
Left: 63You who are enthroned in heaven’s heights
wish to look upon us with love
and see in us your Son
who reigns with you on the eternal throne.
Right: 64We are so poor and weak and frail;
but you exalt us and make us great
as members of our transfigured Lord
who, as our Head, draws us to you.
Left: 65God, you elevate our being
and make the soul your temple and dwelling
where you, with the Son and the Holy Spirit
manifest yourself as a permanent guest!
Right: 66Body and soul are consecrated
to the most holy Trinity,
who is enthroned in us as in heaven,
dwelling in us with every richness.
Left: 67We are therefore placed into the divine,
raised above all the world;
we are worth more in your eyes
than the entire earth without us.
Right: 68The works of every culture
are only a tiny grain of dust
in comparison to the glory
your love bestows on us.
Left: 69You have given us your Son
who silently hangs for us on the cross.
You send us the Holy Spirit
who educates and instructs us.
Right: 70You place an angel at our side,
who is ready to protect us.
You give us a Mother full of kindness
who cares for us with love.
Left: 71You have caringly entrusted us
to the Church, the Bride of your Son,
so that she may lead us through life
and enkindle in us genuine love.
Right: 72Your Son lovingly offers himself for us
as the sacrifice on the altar.
He is there as friend and food,
silently close to us in every situation.
Left: 73You look on us as a father
and let us share in the happiness of your Son.
Everything which you send to us
is for our souls’ eternal salvation.
Right: 74Each suffering is a greeting from you
which lends wings to our souls,
powerfully setting the course of our lives
and renewing the vigor of our striving.
Left: 75It compels us to renew our decision
to be ready for Christ
until he alone lives and works in us
and in us reaches out to you.
Right: 76Just as the sunflower turns
to the sun which richly endows it,
we turn with heart and mind
to you, Father, in faith.
Left: 77We see you silently standing as a father
behind everything that happens
and embrace you with fervent love,
going to you joyfully and in the spirit of sacrifice.
Right: 78Glory and thanks and honor be yours
in the shrine of our souls.
We shall never leave you there alone;
we want to be with you always.
Left: 79With the saints and angelic hosts
our hearts are turned to the altar.
They beat for him who is veiled there
and who nourishes love’s ardent longing.
Right: 80We believe that we shall share
in the radiance and salvation of the resurrection
and one day, like our transfigured Lord,
be beautiful and rich in body and soul.
All: 81When the Judge of this world comes
who firmly holds the royal scepter,
may we stand at his right hand, Father,
and enter with him into the eternal wedding feast.


Leader: 82Eternal Father,
may the gifts we bring to the altar
tell you on our behalf
that we have nothing which is our own.
Right: 83What we are and what we have
we silently return into your hands
as a gift of sacrifice:
Use it as you see fit.
84 Take from us all self-will
and let us loyally and sincerely
fulfill our mission
as instruments of your kindness.
Left: 85Just as bread and wine are transformed
into the being and life of our Savior,
lift us up to you
and treat us as you did your Son.
86 May the norms of your wisdom
form our being and actions
after the holy features of Christ
and be victorious in us as in his Bride.
Right: 87May we who celebrate this sacrifice
reveal day after day
the great glories of Christ
to a world full of baseness.
88 Then nothing else can trouble us;
then, as in a citadel,
like a bird in its nest,
we will be secure even in the ragings of the storm.
Left: 89The freedom of God’s noble children
will radiate through our entire being;
it will allow the world to be healed through us
and become a joyful herald of salvation.
90Nothing can disturb your plans;
you can form all things unhindered
and work through us, your instruments,
to the infinite increase of your glory.
All: 91Sanctifier, descend,
bless us and these gifts
that they may please the Trinity
and through us sing songs of jubilation.


Leader: 92With the countless choirs of angels
and the Queen in the heavenly hall,
we come together in this world,
before your holy tent of love,
praising you with our songs of jubilation
and our ardent hymns of gratitude.
93Father, you are infinitely great,
begetting in your pure womb
the Divine Son who is one with you in essence,
and are infinitely rich in love
in the Holy Spirit whom we praise
with you, the Son, in every way.


All: 94“Holy, holy, holy Lord,”
earth and sea ring out with awe;
they, the hem of your garment,
praise you throughout the universe,
rejoicing without end:
“Holy, holy, Lord, are you!”
95“Holy,” sing the heavenly hosts,
exalting you forevermore.
“Holy,” rings out to you above
from your Church’s holy choir.
Earth and heaven unite
to praise you for all eternity.

Before the Consecration

Leader: 96As a sign of holy unity
let us join hands
with every part of our family
which in Christ
All: 97pays homage to Our Lady
in Schoenstatt’s sunlit meadow.
Leader: 98Father, let the family work fruitfully.
Let it strengthen in the Church
on her way here below
the holy Peace of God,
All: 99so that she extend all boundaries
and divinely guide the earth.
Leader: 100Grant our parents love
and deliver them from all sorrow.
Help them guide us in such a way
and lead us to the Trinity
All: 101that they extend the Church
and give her many saints.
Leader: 102You send the Son to us again,
down to this earth
to renew his sacrifice
and celebrate it on the altar.
All: 103Let our powerlessness be united with him
for the salvation of souls.

After the Consecration

Leader: 104The holy sword of the double consecration
has miraculously re-given the world
the gift of Christ, the Lamb of sacrifice,
as he once hung on the wood of the cross.
As instruments we unite ourselves and all we have
with him, the gift of sacrifice.
105In the spirit of faith we see standing
on Golgotha’s most holy heights
his Mother-Bride, who shares in the sacrifice
and looks upon us with kindness.
With her Son she offers herself for us
to the Father seated on the throne.
Right: 106We offer ourselves with him on the altar
to you, eternal Father,
and unreservedly adore
you and your omnipotence.
Use as you wish
the life you have given us out of love.
107Guide us according to the great plan of love
you have designed for our lives
from all eternity
even when it includes cross and suffering.
In Christ see us hanging on the cross,
moved by love’s ardent longing.
Left: 108In your fatherly mercy
accept his Precious Blood for our guilt,
laying aside the avenging sword
because of the endless honor your Son brings to you.
As often as we celebrate the sacrifice,
this gift of atonement is renewed.
109Your gaze rests benevolently
on the restored happiness of humankind.
You extend your fatherly hand to it again,
transforming it into a prosperous land of peace.
You sow blessings on field and plain
and show us the signs of your presence everywhere.
Right: 110Accept your Son as thanksgiving
for everything you have done for us.
You have transformed our being
and planted Christ deep within us.
You have given us his dignity and mission
as instruments for the fulfillment of salvation.
111You have protected us as the apple of your eye
just as you once protected the Handmaid of the Lord.
You have lavishly adorned us with gifts
and led many souls to our care.
In return, accept the life of your Son
which we offer you through his Bride.
Left: 112As your children we present him,
our living prayer of petition, to you.
The things we ask of you
are small in comparison:
in him we are all-powerful, rich and great
before the gates of heaven.
113In him let us always be your instruments,
perfected and freed from all pretense,
detached from self, devoted to him,
leading humanity heavenwards,
so that, glowing with love, it may be united
with God the Triune and the Pure.
114Preserve for us until the end of time
what he gave us as his testament:
our Mother Thrice Admirable,
the treasure in Schoenstatt’s meadow of peace.
As long as we loyally preserve this treasure,
he will gather around us humanity’s best.
All: 115Through him, the Lamb who is always victorious
and lies as slain before you,
accept, Father, in the Holy Spirit,
who lifts all creation up to you,
from our pure and childlike hearts
adoration, atonement, thanksgiving and petition.

Our Father

Leader: “Father”
All: 116Father, by no merit of our own
we are your children in your Son.
We are no mere servants,
but have the full rights of a child.
Leader: “Our Father”
All: 117No matter where the sun shines for us,
in you we are joyfully united.
For all of us you are the same:
Father and rich in love.
Leader: “Who art in heaven”
All: 118Your throne is in the heights of heaven
which we will one day inherit as our reward.
You lovingly furnish our hearts
as a shrine of love.
Leader: “Hallowed be thy name”
All: 119May honor be given to you
who watch over everything.
May all things acknowledge your power
and praise the majesty of your name.
Leader: “Thy kingdom come”
All: 120May your kingdom joyfully come to us,
making earth resemble heaven.
May truth, love and justice
always reign there.
Leader: “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”
All: 121May your will be the sole norm
which determines the form of our lives.
May our sole and constant guide
be that which pleases you.
Leader: “Give us this day our daily bread”
All: 122Give us bread for body and soul,
and protect us in every need.
Show us that you are our Father
when we are ensnared by Satan’s cunning.
Leader: “And forgive us our trespasses
as we forgive those who trespass
against us”
All: 123Forgive us all our guilt
just as we endure and forgive
with constant patience and kindness
the times when we are profaned by others.
Leader: “And lead us not into temptation”
All: 124Give us strength in temptation
so that our souls may not weary.
Guard us from the occasions
which too loudly clamor after sin.
Leader: “But deliver us from evil”
All: 125As your children
we hate sin as much as you do;
but we are poor and weak—
free us from the disgrace of sin.
Leader: “Amen”
All: 126Amen! Yes, so shall it be!
As children we consecrate ourselves to you.
Look on us with kind fatherliness
and always care for our happiness as your children.

Before Holy Communion

Leader: 127Father, you want to give to us as food
the Lamb who gives his life for us.
You give us the Son whom we present to you
that we may unite with him in love.
128Just as this food is silently transformed
and made a part of those it nourishes,
make us a part of your body, Lord,
whom earth and heaven glorify.
129You will enkindle in us
the intensely glowing flames of love
which leap from your heart and soul
as the pure and lasting bridal offering.
130The hot coals of sacrifice which urge you
to pour yourself out in total self-surrender
ignite the same striving in us,
powerfully bursting all narrowness.
Right: 131You extinguish the fire of our drives
and fill us with the sweetness of love.
You let us sun ourselves in your warmth
and call us home to the wedding feast.
Left: 132You want to free us from our weaknesses;
out of love you come to powerfully protect us
from the passions which drive us
so that we always retain good health.
Right: 133As often as we worthily receive you,
you give our bodies the right
to live transfigured like you
when we achieve the prize of victory.
Left: 134You are the bread of the children of God,
the wine on which the virgins flourish,
the nourishment hailed by the martyrs,
the wellspring for joyous heralds of salvation.
Right: 135You want to unite all your members
intimately to yourself
so that, as one body, we may gather at the altar
as your sisters and brothers.
Left: 136You are the pure fountain of peace,
the bond which unites all nations,
the power which overcomes discord,
the light which brings warmth and brightness.
Right: 137With your Bride, the Sign of Victory,
you are the One who overcomes the dragon.
Every foe must yield before you:
both the devil and the devil’s children.
All: 138As the deer longs for streams of water
and the bride for signs of love,
Lord, let our hearts be touched
and let love overcome our cold indifference.
139We are unworthy to receive you
because we are like the prodigal son.
But we put faith in this Sign of Love
and come to you without anxiety and fear.
140We come to renew our decision
to be like wax in your hands,
so that you can send us as instruments
to care for your people as pleases you.

After Holy Communion

Leader: 141Just as you prepared a home for yourself
in your Mother-Bride
when she spoke her Fiat,
you have filled my heart with richness.
142I may rest, Lord, upon your breast
entirely to my heart’s delight,
and care for your kingdom of peace
like the disciple you loved.
143Just as you reign in the heights of heaven
and dwell transfigured with the Father,
you are, with your entire being,
deep in the shrine of my heart.
144You hold the scepter in your hand
and rule over city and nation.
Earth and heaven are your tent—
you are the King of all the world.
Right: 145I adore you in faith
and offer myself to you as your instrument.
I hold nothing back for myself;
your glory is my happiness.
146I want to dedicate my love,
like a pure lily, to you alone.
Whatever could taint it
is but vain folly to me.
147Everything I have is yours:
the last drop of my blood,
my will and my heart,
my joys and my sorrows.
148Take from me what I have and am.
I surrender absolutely everything.
Use it for the salvation of souls,
even when I am called to suffer.
Left: 149You, the transfigured offering,
wish strict discipline of me
so that I, like the bread and wine,
become strong in sacrifice and rich in love.
150Without the winepress, there is no wine;
wheat must first be ground;
there is no victory without the tomb;
only dying wins the war.
151Take my heart, take my hand
as the pledge for victory.
I will remain still when the lance pierces me,
silent when the nails torment me.
152Place the crown of thorns on my head,
saturate me with disgrace and scorn.
Nothing will ever be too difficult for me
when it is for your sake, O Lord.
Right: 153Whatever the Schoenstatt kingdom needs
to which I have entirely consecrated myself,
is like a wish and command for me
which stands above all else.
154You will never abandon me
and always be within me, helping me.
You will go with me in suffering and strife
even when the way is hard and long.
155You will accompany me, Lord,
wherever you send me in the whole wide world:
whether I go to the pagans
or stay in the midst of believers.
156You will give me light and strength
to counter evil passions.
You will form me entirely after your image
as we see it in your Bride.
Left: 157You will constantly prepare my heart
for the Spirit of Holiness
who fills me with magnanimity
and graciously satisfies my longing.
158If I remain so united with you,
you will gradually transform me,
and the Father will look on me from eternity
with great delight.
159Through me he will build the city of peace,
the promised City of God:
there will be one flock and one shepherd
leading the universe to the Father.
160And I will always be ready
for the wedding feast at the end of time,
confidently awaiting
the great judgment of the world.
All: 161Glory to you, Son of God,
with the Father on the throne
and the Spirit of Holiness
now and for all eternity.

Dismissal (Ite Missa Est)

Leader: 162Lord, from the altar
we now depart
to give your form
to our daily lives.
All: 163Just as the bird
never abandons its nest,
our love always circles
around the sacred heights.
164Where the sanctuary light
glows without dying
is where our souls burn
to be espoused to you.
165We want to use all means
to draw the world
and human hearts
heavenwards to the Father.
166Just as bread and wine in sacrifice
have consecrated themselves to you,
the offering shall re-echo
in all things.
167All things shall resound in chorus,
“holy God” on high,
all things be consecrated,
become holy in being and action,
168and with heaven
celebrate communion
in you, the Son of God,
unveiling God’s splendor.
169Through our Queen
who reigns in Schoenstatt
cast the ancient dragon
into hell’s abyss!
170Let all things be your kingdom,
become like you, the Head,
and joyfully praise
the Trinity above.